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One of the places that suffer the most in terms of vulnerability are small businesses, and among the whole range of stores of this style, the auto markets stand out in terms of attacks and high rates of theft.

 We know that these places, because of their fast service, compact, mostly 24-hour opening hours, and low staffing levels, are the perfect place to commit theft. It is a persistent problem that worries not only the managers of the site but also the customers themselves who can be involved in an unpleasant situation for no reason.

This does not include small mishaps that can endanger personal integrity (fires, short circuits, or water leaks). The first step in setting up a business, whether large or small, is to ensure that the work area is a safe and reliable environment in which both the clientele and the employee feel safe to come to work.   

Security Systems for Auto Markets  

Security systems for Auto Markets

The security systems are many and varied; Security iCam believes that each system must be made for its user, so we offer customized services to suit your needs and those of the site you want to protect.

When we talk about auto-markets there is a certain standard regarding what you can install in this type of business, but you can always add and remove elements that you consider useful or not.

Essential security components

– Magnetic detectors: these are in charge of registering movement in doors and windows, notifying entry attempts, lock picking, among others.

– Perimeter barriers: also known as infrared detectors, these devices are connected to an outdoor alarm system to detect people or vehicles crossing the perimeter of the premises.

– Motion detectors: video, infrared, microwave, or ultrasonic sensors.

– Glass breakage detectors. 

These elements will guarantee an increase in the security of your business, both against intrusions and theft. Our professionals are fully trained to advise you, design a system that suits the needs of your premises, your budget, and your own.

Likewise, our systems cover all vulnerable areas, from counters to offices and public areas.

Extra security

Another necessary element in the protection of premises and businesses are the physical security systems that prevent and protect from unforeseen events, these are:

Smoke detectors: we have several systems adapted to specific spaces that require protection, especially at times when there is no one around to prevent damage. Smoke detectors are a basic necessity for every premise and are an excellent way to prevent disasters.

Water leak detectors: these devices are designed to keep your business in the best possible condition, avoiding serious infrastructure and environmental problems, guaranteeing the integrity of your premises, the safety of your employees and your customers.

Deterrent plates: these are elements located on the outside of the business which helps the authorities to deal with thefts or intrusion attempts since the police can contact the security company directly to solve the cases. Likewise, these act as a warning to those who may try to break in.

Security tips for self-marketing

Nowadays for a user of a camera system, it represents the same investment as opening a car market and can be considered an essential part of the economy. Generally speaking, protecting your investment is the same as starting it.

There are many solutions on the market in terms of security; however, not all of them guarantee the desired result. Icam is the best alternative for all budgets and needs, giving you that feeling of well-being you are looking for because it is a proven myth that it is too expensive or not needed.

All the people who want to protect their office or any kind of infrastructure will find in us several monitoring systems to avoid losses. But if you are still undecided about what is the most convenient for your business, we recommend you take into account these tips to guide you:

  •  Have only one entrance and one exit in your store.
  •  Keep the most valuable merchandise protected, in secured and locked shelves.
  • Install your camera systems in strategic locations that make it easy for employees to easily monitor all aisles and corners.
  •  Illuminate all external entry points with fixed bulbs that are difficult to reach or remove.
  • Install window latches specifically designed and positioned so that they cannot be reached if the glass breaks.
  •  Use electronic tags, such as clothing alarms that cannot be removed from the item without damaging it, except by an employee.
  •  Install security glass windows as they are highly efficient at stopping intrusions.
  •  Place motion detectors inside the self-store.
  • Install alarms at the entrance to detect the breakage of windows or if a door is opened. Protective systems at key points are also very useful to detect when someone accesses a restricted area, such as a cash register or places with valuable merchandise.
  • Employee theft is very common in the self-storage business. To avoid employee theft, we recommend a rigorous screening process, which tends to be very effective against internal theft.
  •  Security locks on each exterior door are just as effective as those on important cabinets and other doors you deem convenient.
  • A good recommendation is to use card access systems instead of traditional keys, as these cannot be easily duplicated.
  • Place security signs and plaques at access points so that they also serve as a deterrent to theft.
  • Install a closed-circuit television that allows you to monitor employees, since these have a very strong deterrent effect when they know that there are surveillance cameras in the place. 
  •  Silent alarms are also a good way to alert the police and give them a better chance of catching criminals.
  • Install cash register protection systems.

There are many ways to protect your store, the safest of which is to invest in cash register protection. Inexpensive options such as convex mirrors or strategic security personnel can work, but only up to a point.

This is why security systems are the best option in the long run; iCam exists to protect your most precious positions and offer you the best services.

Benefits of hiring Security iCam as a security systems provider for automarkets

When it comes to automarket security, no expense can be spared. The safety of customers and employees is a priority, and that is why it is important to hire a reliable security system provider such as Security iCam. Still not feeling secure? Keep reading and we will explain the benefits you can get from hiring a company so committed to its public.

Experience and Technology

One of the greatest benefits of hiring Security iCam is their extensive experience in the implementation of security systems for automarkets. Their technicians are highly trained and have years of experience in the industry. In addition, Security iCam uses state-of-the-art technology in their security systems, ensuring the most effective protection for your automarket. One quite remarkable benefit is that they have partnerships with other types of security companies that offer quality security systems at affordable prices but with sufficient quality. From high definition cameras to alarm systems and controlled access, Security iCam has everything you need to protect your business.

24-hour monitoring

Another important benefit of hiring Security iCam is its 24-hour monitoring service. Every security system installed by the company is connected to a monitoring center where professionals constantly keep an eye on any suspicious activity. If any problems are detected, Security iCam will immediately notify the authorities and take action to protect your business. And don’t worry, there are no ways for hackers to access your information, there is a very strong network around all the systems that Security iCam manages that notices even the smallest breach. 

Cost Savings

Hiring Security iCam can also help save costs in the long run. First, installing an effective security system can decrease the risk of break-ins and vandalism, which can save you money on repairs and replacements. In addition, the presence of security cameras can deter potential criminals, which reduces the risk of loss to your business. It’s a considerable investment, but one that will save you from scams and even loss of your business materials if at some point a camera or alarm fails due to fraudulent installation.

In short, security is a major concern in any business, especially in an automarket where large amounts of money and high-value goods are handled. Hiring Security iCam as a security systems provider can give you peace of mind knowing that your business is protected by highly trained experts and state-of-the-art technology. Plus, 24-hour monitoring and long-term cost savings are additional benefits that make Security iCam a smart choice for your business. What are you waiting for?

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