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Cheryl Gulliver@cherylgulliver
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"Those guys were great and was on time for my appointment I would recommend them to anyone who needs camera protection."
Allen K@allenk
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"I ha Eddie install 2 cameras at my apartment complex for outdoor. Eddie was nice, and he finished in one day. The picture was very clear, and he helped set it up so that I could see my cameras from my phone, and it was so easy to use. I would definitely recommend them."
Nik T.E.M@niktem
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"Most excellent service. Very hard workers with unmatched expertise. Upgraded my old system to a new top tier system in less than one day. Would recommend to everyone. Thank you so much guys !!!!!"

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. You Don’t Really Save Money
Replacing a roof is a big investment. Other projects, such as a bathroom remodel or finished basement, are showier and seem to deliver more bang for your buck. Because you don’t necessarily notice your roof, it can be hard to dip into your home renovation budget to replace it. For this reason, you might be tempted to save money by taking it on yourself.
2. You Void Your Warranty
Most, if not all, roofing material manufacturers will not guarantee materials that haven’t been installed by a professional roofing contractor. The reason is simple: A botched installation that misuses the materials will inevitably lead to costly damage.
3. It’s Dangerous
Installing a roof may look easy, but it’s dangerous work. There are numerous hazards to contend with, including heights, deep sloping surfaces, the weather and power tools. Experienced roofers have the tools and equipment they need to work safely. If you’ve watched roofing DIY tutorials on YouTube, keep in mind that these usually feature pros who are giving tips for basic repair work and simple patching jobs.

There are several reasons why it’s worth it to hire a professional roofer instead of attempting it yourself. The first is safety. Roofing is inherently dangerous, as a fall from a roof could seriously injure or kill you. Roofers have specialized equipment and training to help prevent accidents.

Next is experience. Roofers know how to spot problems (leaks, missing shingles, moss or mold growth, etc.) in your roof that could potentially save you from costly repairs down the road.

And finally, roofers save you time by getting the job done quickly and with a high degree of quality.

Generally, a roofer will likely not need to enter your home. The bulk of the work takes place on and around the edges of the roof, where roofing material meets either dormer walls or other structures. So, there is usually no need for person-to-person contact. However, there might be some cases where a roofer needs to enter your home, perhaps to inspect damage or access electrical outlets.

You can take care of any consultation calls using video chats, photos and emails, and payment should take place on virtual platforms. Put together a strategy with any local roofing professionals you contact.

Because social distancing is important during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s recommended that you message roofers after narrowing down your choices through an online search of local roofers near you.

Ask if the roofer is willing to conduct an assessment via video chat rather than a traditional site inspection. Additionally, strategize on what other steps you can collectively take to make sure you’re following guidelines on social distancing during this time, including conducting a virtual payment.

Some of the signs that indicate you need a new roof include cupping, warping and peeling asphalt shingles, as well as cracks on certain shingles. Other warning signs may include:Leakage Exposed nails Missing granules Droopy, sagging roof Moss, mold or fungi growth A metal roof may need to be replaced when it grows rusty and begins leaking. Tile roofs made of clay, slate or concrete need repairs when cracked. Cleaning and inspecting the roof regularly can help prevent major damage from occurring.Contact the best roofers near you to inspect, repair or replace your roof.
A roof’s lifespan depends on two major factors: the material and how well the roof was installed. Assuming that the roof is installed properly, here’s how long different roofing materials should last:Asphalt shingle roof: 20 years Metal roof: 50 years Slate roof: 100+ years (lifetime) Clay roof: Lifetime Concrete roof: Lifetime Copper roof: Lifetime Contact the best roofers near you to get free estimates and start planning your roofing project today.
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The best roofing material for your home will depend on your budget and what you’re looking for. If you want a roof that has longevity, consider the following: 

Asphalt Roof

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Metal Roof

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Clay Roof

Last a lifetime

$15-$20 per square foot (for terracotta)

$20 per square foot (for Spanish clay tile)

Concrete Roof

Last a lifetime

$10 per square foot

Slate Roof

Last a lifetime

$10-$75 per square foot

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